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Three basic steps are applicable in most hospitals when you see a doctor in China: make an appointment, register, and consult with a doctor.
B. Medical Service for Foreign Nationals
It’s much easier now for foreigners living in Chengdu to get international standard medical care. In the city a growing number of hospitals have offered or are planning to offer healthcare services to cater for the need of foreign nationals living in the city.
Basic steps to receive international service:
1. Make an appointment
Visit the website and follow the instructions to make an appointment with a doctor, or call at +86-28-85422408 or +86-28-85586698 (service in English provided) for an appointment, either for a doctor or for a specialist.
2. Emergency service
The hospital has launched a hotline (+86-28-854227761) with bilingual service (Chinese and English) for emergent cases.
The process is illustrated as follows:
The Global Doctor is one of the major facilities in Chengdu providing the international medical services to those from multinational companies, foreign consulates/consulates general and international schools, as well as foreign students and travelers, etc. The medical institution specializes in family medical services for foreign nationals in the city.
Its medical service process is illustrated as follows:
C. Medical Insurance
Most top hospitals in Chengdu have signed deals with insurance companies or relief agencies to provide foreigners with favorable insurance services.
It’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with the type of coverage provided by your health insurance and that you know whether you've met all necessary terms. You can make phones to confirm if the insurance company has established cooperation with the hospital you plan to go. For example, you can call at +86-28-85422788 to find if the insurance company has partnered with WCSM/WCH. And some international medical facilities, like Global Doctor, which have not only provided cashless access medical services to insurance members working with Allianz, Cigna, MSH, Euro-center, and Assitance On-line ect., but also have cooperated with Beijing Alarm Center to offer medical travel assistance.
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Stem cell industrial scientific park to be built in Wenjiang

The application of stem cells in medical treatment always attracts public attention. Recently, construction began on a stem cell industrial scientific park in Wenjiang, Chengdu, Sichuan province. The project is now in its first stage of construction, which includes a stem cell technology service center, technology innovation center, and marketing promotion center. Also, a development platform that integrates stem cell storage, technical research and science popularization education will be built.

Jul 08, 2014

Medical device provider starts production in Chengdu

Multinational medical device provider Medtronic Inc set up its first hemodialysis system production line in Chengdu on Monday.

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