My Experience at Global Center

Authors: Andrea Lockett


Travelers to Chengdu always set aside time to see the biggest building in the world, the Global Center.
The center combines multiple attractions and activities under one roof. Visitors can expect to spend a large portion of the day roaming many floors. It includes a full-size water park, a movie theater, an ice skating rink, department stores, a large food court and an array of different stores as well.
For anyone interested in visiting, we recommend setting aside more than one day to enjoy the attractions there. We spent the day exploring all the attractions within the ginormous building.
We entered the center through the Jincheng Plaza, a metro station of the Line 1, which proved to be a convenient start of our journey. Upon entering we found ourselves near the large food court on the lower level of the building. The food court was separated into small stalls for each restaurant. It offered a variety of options, ranging between fried rice, dumplings, skewers and noodles.
Although all the food options were appealing, we decided to begin the first part of our journey with a delicious bowl of rice noodles, which were purchased from the restaurant Challenge Rice Noodle. First, we each chose ingredients for our own individual bowl of rice noodles which was presented as a soup.
The restaurant offered vegetarian options as well as meat options. We ordered one vegetarian meal which consisted of broccoli, mushrooms, seaweed and tofu. The meat option included all the previously mentioned ingredients, only replacing the broccoli with pork ribs and clams. We received our food ten minutes after ordering. Our rice noodles were wrapped in aluminum foil in order to keep our meals hot. It proved to be a good meal for us, but we are looking forward to trying the other food options the center has to offer in the future.
After our hearty meal, we decided to explore the clothing stores. The center for shopping catered to many different fashion styles and had a wide range of options for shopping in terms of price. The shopping took up a large portion of the building and our time. The first store we entered was the full-size Lotte department store, which alone could be compared to a full-size mall.
After spending a long day exploring it, we concluded our travels by utilizing another one of the center's many conveniences. The center has nice massage chairs that are open for anyone to use. We both used one and it cost six Yuan for a massage and helped us destress from the long day.
Spending the whole day in the biggest building in the world proved to be difficult but it was also a very interesting. I would recommend any visitors to Chengdu to take advantage of all the wonderful places Chengdu has to offer.
Author: Andrea Lockett, an American student at the Southwest Minzu University, Chengdu

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