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Be a member of Gochengdu Gusto and go spring outing for free.
Be a member of Gochengdu Gusto and go spring outing for free.
We invite expatriates who love spring outings and sharing their experiences with other people to join the group GoChengdu Gusto. Members of the group will have opportunities to take part in programs to experience the city and adequate exposure on local media.
The group’s first spring-outing took place on Mar. 25 in Longquanyi District, where the members paid a visit to the Hometown of Peach Blossoms (桃花故里) and Luodai Ancient Town(洛带古镇), home of the Hakka people.
The second spring-outing will soon begin on March 28 in Pengzhou City, and activities will include picking tea leaves, making tea and watching Sichuan Opera, plus a vegetarian lunch with all the dishes of organic vegetables collected from local farms.
More activities will take place in the following weeks and join us NOW!
More info about the spring outings:
A. Each spring outing has 10 members in total (a family may share the same membership);
B. GoChengdu Gusto is a project sponsored by the local website, together with related institutions and businesses in Chengdu, that offers expatriates in Chengdu the opportunities to explore the city and share their experiences.
How to sign up?
A. Log in and become a GoChengdu Gusto member;
B. Once you finish the registration, use WeChat to follow gochengdu’s account (Search“GO成都”), forward your username on the website and the associated e-mail address to“GO成都”wechat account to confirm.

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