Invitation from GoChengdu: Exploring Authentic Flavors of Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


All foreigners in Chengdu are welcome to join GoChengdu in a guided spring outing to kick off this Friday.
The serial event is titled "Exploring Spicy Food — A Gastronomic Journey in Chengdu".
Apart from a time-honored history and picturesque scenery, Chengdu boasts various mouthwatering foods as well.
Dubbed as the "City of Gastronomy" by the UNESCO in 2010, Chengdu is well-known for Sichuan Cuisine,
hotpot and snacks.
You don't have to worry about "what to eat today", since you have countless choices of food in the city. No matter how long your trip will be—3 days or a month—you can have different food every day with the help of this guide.
What deserves the name of "authentic spicy flavor in Chengdu"?
Different people have different answers to the Authentic Food in Chengdu, each of which has a story behind it.
This spring GoChengdu invites you to tour around the city to explore the interesting stories behind foods and taste the "Authentic Flavor of Chengdu".
The one-month tour "A Gastronomic Journey in Chengdu" is the a new event of the spring outing by GoChengdu in consecutive 3 years. We'll bring you on a journey to discover the birthplaces of various delicious foods in the city.
On March 22nd (Friday), participants will to to Xindu District to savor local hotpot in a tree house, watching a Sichuan Opera show, tasting Osmanthus cakes and exploring the origin of the local Steamed Pork Dumplings (called ye'erba by local people).
On February 29 (next Friday), the second stop of the event will be Pujiang County, where participants will see how tea is processed by hand, and have a better understanding of the workmanship, an intangible cultural heritage in China, by picking and tasting local tea. The participants will dig bamboo shoots to be used as an ingredient for a dish for their lunch. In addition, they will learn how to dye cloth and make clay pots in Mingyue Village in the county.
How to sign up
If you are a foreigner travelling or living in Chengdu, and you're a food and culture lover, please be quick to sign up for the event by scanning the QR code.
Follow the WeChat account "GoChengdu够成都" and forward the message to your Moments, and then send the screenshot and the message with "Your Full Name + Your Nationality + Your Phone Number" to the WeChat account.
If you win the opportunity, our staff will contact you ASAP!

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