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Chengdu Museum has its first foreigner on internship now, and you’ll probably spot the new intern typing into her iPad now and then when you visit the museum.
Well, she is Katherine Kurylko, from the US, and her main job at the museum is to do the check and proof reading of the English texts of the signs and introductions to relics and items on display.
Katherine graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She got the opportunity to intern at Chengdu Museum when she was a student at the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad.
"I enjoy life in Chengdu," said Katherine, "Living in a city with pandas and so many delicacies is great."
"I've watched a lot of documentaries about Chengdu history on YouTube, so interesting," she added, "I use an app to convert Mandarin to English for the tour-guide audios. Meantime, I have a better understanding of the Chengdu culture."
Catherine had a 3-month internship at Chengdu Museum in 2018, and after graduation, she resumed her internship. She is now learning broadcasting and audio-editing, in order to make the museum more language friendly to more Spanish-speaking tourists.
"I'm from a Peruvian family. Both Peru and China share a tradition of valuing the family life, while Americans attach more importance to independence," Catherine noted. "Back in America, if you take a nap after lunch, people would think you are lazy. But in Chengdu, a nap after lunch is a way to help people work more energetically in the afternoon."

About Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad
As the first innovative program for studying abroad in China, the center was co-established by the Chengdu Municipal Government and Global Maximum Educational Opportunities Inc. (G-MEO) in 2012. The center is inside Sichuan University's Huaxi Campus and provides teaching, facilities, policy support and special scholarships for students.

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