Winners of Delicacies Most Favored by Foreigners Unveiled

Authors: Go Chengdu


GoChengdu website announced the 21 winners of the Happy City Chengdu·Delicacies Most Favored by Foreigners.
Twenty one winners of the Happy City Chengdu·Delicacies Most Favored by Foreigners were announced on GoChengdu website on February 3, 2016. The program is co-organized by, Xiancheng of Sina and Chengdu Catering Profession Association.
List of the winners:
Go To King Creative Restaurant (GO TO KING公馆西餐)
Anothai Thai Restaurant (阿诺泰•泰国餐厅 )
Chengduyingxiang Restaurant (成都映象)
Cygnet Hotpot (小天鹅火锅 )
Dalongyi Hotpot (大龙燚火锅)
Damiao Hotpot (大妙火锅 )
Daronghe Restaurant (大蓉和酒楼)
Dexing Restaurant (德兴酒楼)
Fuqifeipian Restaurant (夫妻肺片)
Hongxing Restaurant (红杏酒家)
Huangchenglaoma Restaurant (皇城老妈)
Laitangyuan Restaurant (赖汤圆)
Old House Garden Restaurant (老房子民风酒楼)
Mishangdoulao Hotpot (迷尚澳门豆捞)
Shufengyuan Restaurant (蜀风园)
Shujiuxiang Hotpot (蜀九香火锅酒楼)
SEAHOOD Seafood Restaurant (水货)
Shunfengfeiniu Hotpot (顺风肥牛)
Tianyuanyinxiang Restaurant (田园印象)
Yanlaxiaxie Restaurant (焱辣虾蟹)
Yuanli Hotpot (园里火锅 )

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