Second Round of GoChengdu Gusto: Hot Pot, Happy Life in Chengdu

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The 10 members of the second round of GoChengdu Gusto found themselves at the flagship store of Huangcheng Laoma, a famous hot pot restaurant in southern Chengdu, on the evening of Dec.11.
The 10 members of the second round of GoChengdu Gusto found themselves at the flagship store of Huangcheng Laoma, a famous hot pot restaurant in southern Chengdu, on the evening of Dec.11.
This program is co-organized by, Xiancheng of Sina and Chengdu Catering Profession Association.
The spicy broth boiling in the pot and talks flowing freely and, to the surprise of the organizers, most members spoke Chinese quite well. The members are from the UK, Nepal, France, Germany, India and the US, and soon their topics focused on their life in Chengdu.
“My teacher advised me to come here”
“Someone told me that this is the best hot pot in Chengdu!” said Andrew, a Chinese-American who came to China with his father. Andrew first stayed in Zhejiang Province in eastern China for a period and then came to settle down in Chengdu which, as he said, is a big city with anything for a convenient and comfortable life. “I wouldn’t leave the city once I have come here,” he said, using chopsticks dexterously to pick up a piece of beef from the spicy soup.
Sitting next to Andrew was Martin, who was instructed by Andrew to have a try of the beef. “Just 15 seconds and it will be OK,” he counted and began munching the piece. “An Yi!” he exclaimed, blurting out the words in Sichuan dialect meaning “great” and “satisfaction”, which brought laughters from others.
Martin is an exchange student from Germany and has been studying the Chinese language in Sichuan University for three month. With a Chinese name Ding Zihan, he speaks Chinese fluently. “I had learned Chinese for years before I came to Chengdu,” he explained, “I knew the name of Chengdu from my teacher and he told me that it is a beautiful and comfortable city, and now I am here!”
Chengdu attracts people from all over the world. And those who have been to the city are the best “ambassadors” to introduce the city to other people.
“I will miss the days in the city”
For Sujan Shakya, from Nepal, eating spicy food is no problem. As a postgraduate in West China College of Medicine of Sichuan University, he has been in Chengdu for five years and will still stay here for another three years. “If I leave Chengdu, I will definitely miss the city, the yummy food, colorful life and my friends here,” he said, “They are so friendly. My Chinese has improved a lot with their help.”
His remarks was echoed by his friends and schoolmates Ram Babu, from Nepal, and Sushila, from India. Both spoke highly of the food and culture of Chengdu and the hospitality of local people, which all make them love the city.
City of Love Stories
“It was on the last day of 1995 that I met my wife at a bar in Chengdu,” said Mark, who recalled the first meeting with his wife Scarlet. Mark is from the UK and Scarlet is from Gansu province in northwestern China. After marriage the couple went to Mark's motherland where they lived for10 years, but they finally chose to come back to Chengdu and now they have a son, Dandan, who is five years.
Mark has been to many cities in China, and he enjoys life Chengdu, especially the food which is, as he said, “much better than what I had in England.”
The art performances and Sichuan Opera show before the conclusion of the feast set off a new upsurge of passion among the diners, who were thrilled by the stunts of Sichuan Opera, especially the famous Face Changing.
“OMG, how could he make it? I can’t believe it!” cried Dandan, his eyes fixed on the performer on the stage.
Dandan has great interest in the traditional Chinese culture. “I have Kungfu classes every Friday; I love life in the city!” he said.

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