Latasha Drax: Chengdu Snack — Unmissable Delicacy!

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Chengdu, China, historically known as the Land of Abundance, is a wealth of leisure, pleasure and opportunity for the expatriate or the tourist exploring new and exciting places.
For foodies, Chengdu is rich with a delicacy of foods that will whet the most finicky of appetites. Known for over 200 traditional delectable snack foods or Fuqi Feipian, is the restaurant to visit to experience the finest snacking in Chengdu. Its kitchen boasts the culinary mastery of Chinese cooking master, Lauren Wang, whose flair for flavor fed several foreign palates with his dining table-laden with treats for the Go Chengdu’s fifth tasting event.
Living abroad, a foreigner can easily yearn for familiar food to remind them of their home country. To our stomach’s satisfaction, we were introduced to You Cha, a creamy soup topped with crunchy noodles (San Zi) that is said to keep you warm and can be eaten in the morning. Wang’s version leads the list of go-to “comfort foods,” to enjoy, no matter the time of day.
Wang’s Tang Yuan, usually served during Winter Solstice or the Chinese New Year, melts in your mouth once you bite into its smooth savory dough and taste the sweet paste-like filling inside.
But a Sichuan meal would not be complete without a spicy dish like Mapo Tofu. With its numbing spiciness and soft and tender taste of tofu, it appealed to our vegetarian and meat loving diners. So much so, the stone bowl it was served in was left bare. Yet it was not the only delicious dish devoured by the GoChengdu tasters, from my personal favorite Jian Jiao, a fried dumpling stuffed with pork, to the signature Fuqi Feipian (a bed of seasoned finely sliced beef and cow’s stomach in a succulent sauce), Fuqi Feipian with its hospitable and generous Chef Wang, tops the list of recommended destination restaurants in Chengdu.
About the author:
Latasha Drax, a local American from New York, has a Chinese name Chenxi. It was the first time she came to Chengdu in October last year. She will work in Chengdu as an English teacher for one year. Chengdu with its unique charms is appealing to her at the beginning of her arrival.

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