GoChengdu Gusto’s First Taste of Chengdu Dishes

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GoChengdu Gusto members debuted their exploration of the rich gastronomic culture of Chengdu.
“Sliced Meat with Crispy Rice! That’s my favorite,” declared Jacob Logan with excitement.
Jacob, a 10-year-old boy from the US, was a member of the first team of GoChengdu Gusto, a program co-organized by GoChengdu.cn, Xiancheng of Sina and Chengdu Catering Profession Association that provides opportunities for expatriates living in Chengdu to experience local cuisines.
The program debuted the exploration of the rich gastronomic culture of Chengdu on Dec. 5 when its members sat at the table at Tianyuan Yinxiang (Countryside Impression) Restaurant, a Sichuan food restaurant located in eastern Chengdu, where they tasted very typical Sichuan dishes with the traditional flavor in a pleasant environment.

GoChengdu Gusto’s first team was composed of five members. Wearing the T-shirt of Gochengdu Gusto, they posed at the door of the restaurant and signed their names on the poster for the program.
Coming back to the table they found a feast for their eye and stomach ― six cold dishes, 10 main courses, together with a soup and two snacks ― awaiting their presence, all home cooking favorites in Chengdu, including chicken with peppercorn, bean jelly, steamed pork wrapped in lotus leaves, and the classic mashed chicken and egg white (Furong Jinao, 芙蓉鸡淖). The diners were busy taking pictures of the dishes.
Jacob has been in Chengdu with his parents for seven years and is now a pupil at a public school in Chengdu. He has a Chinese name, Liu Yage, and can speak Chinese fluently.
“There are only three American pupils at my school ― my younger sisters and me. All of us can speak Chinese,” Jacob boasted, “Well, my little sister can translate Sichuan dialect for my parents!”
Jacob’s father, Jason Logan, explained that the family has fond feelings for Chengdu. “We are glad to have joined in the program,” he said, “And I think it’s a good way to learn more about the city and the life of local people.”
Mr. Logan works as a GP at a local hospital, and his job offers plentiful opportunities for him to meet local people and to have a good knowledge of local culture and customs. “I love my life in Chengdu,” he said, “I enjoy my job, the city’s leisure lifestyle, colorful activities and countless epicurean encounters.”

Jason Charette, also from the US, came to the meeting with his wife, Faith Mailu, and their two-month-old baby. He showed great interest in one of the servings called spicy beef, a cold dish. “I love it!” he said, attracted by the spicy flavor and smooth taste.
Faith said they didn’t go to Sichuan food restaurants very often, as they found it difficult to order dishes since most of the restaurants failed to provide a menu in English. “The program has given us a good opportunity to experience the famous Sichuan food, and I must say thanks to GoChengdu.cn,” she said.
Knowing that more and more restaurants now have the menu in English, she said she had great interest to try Sichuan foods again in the future.
All members of GoChengdu Gusto were satisfied with the program, saying it helped them to know better of the history of Sichuan Cuisine, and they were expecting more explorations of local life and culture.

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