GoChengdu Members’ Night: Hi-Tech Halloween Party

Authors: Go Chengdu


Expats in Chengdu had a thrilling Halloween experience at GoChengdu Members’ Night on the night of October 29.
A hi-tech Halloween party co-sponsored by gochengdu.cn, Laowai Here, Wooton bar and Morse & Master Technology was held at Wooton Bar in downtown Chengdu on the night of October 29, bringing participants including many foreigners in the city a unique experience.

The site was made a spooky place of skulls with dried flowers, Jack-O-Lanterns and haunted by vampires, ghosts, witches, pumpkin men, the Caribbean pirates and all sorts of scary shadows.

The party kicked off with house music with hologram projections, brought by DJs Liam King and Ryan Reid from the UK, when zombies, bats and ghosts flying crossed the stage. The VR and AR technology made the ghosts, zombies and monsters look real, causing screams from people at the party.

"This is the first Halloween party in Chengdu for me and my parents," said Rachel from the US at an interview with local website gochengdu.cn, "Though people here didn't play Trick or Treat, the party was so great, and we all enjoyed it a lot."

The footage below taken on October 29 at Wooton shows the sights of the party night.

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