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Two master chefs Kurachi Atsushi and Kim Nobuyuki from Japan hosted the 4th session of “GoChengdu Classes on World Culture”, organized by Gochengdu.cn and Isetan Department Store and held at Isetan on August 18.
Six families in Chengdu had a fun and meaningful Sunday, listening to the Japanese chefs who gave a lecture on the Japanese food culture, and then engaging themselves in making traditional Japanese delicacies.
Kurachi Atsushi: the Order to Order Sushi
As the most popular Japanese food, sushi is favored by people around the world. "It is very likely that Sushi came from China about 2,000 years ago!" said Kurachi Atsushi, owner of Gatten Sushi Bar at Isetan Department Store, as he explained on the origin of Sushi.
"And not many people really know the right way to order and eat sushi," he continued, explaining that the proper ordering should start with the lighter, less fatty fish and then proceed to the fattier fishes such as salmon or mackerel. Tuna, oily as it is, should be served in the end."
Kim Nobuyuki: Sukiyaki More Palatable When with Egg Fluid
"The tradition of Sukiyaki goes back to the ancient times when farmers cooked meat by heating it in iron spades. Salty and sweet in flavor, it is very different from Sichuan hotpot," Kim Nobuyuki explained.
A Japanese Korean, Kim Nobuyuki now lives in Chengdu and runs several Japanese food restaurants, including the Zhuzhufu Japanese Hotpot Restaurant on the on the 8th floor of Isetan, which served as the classroom of the session. Japanese food is gaining popularity in Chengdu.
When asked why people should dip Sukiyaki in raw egg fluid before having it, Kim explained that the egg fluid serves well in cooling down the hot Sukiyaki and making it more nutritious. "Actually, the egg fluid enhances the flavors," Kim Nobuyuki added, "Having Sukiyaki in the right way is very important."

In the following sessions, "GoChengdu Classes on World Culture" will invite more foreigners to share their ideas and experiences.
To know more about the program, scan the Q/R code below to follow the "GoChengdu够成都" WeChat account.

A Culinary Journey to Italy & Japan with GoChengdu

“GoChengdu Classes on World Culture” put on its second session on August 4 at Isetan Department Store, hosted by two Japanese chefs sharing ideas with the audience of the Italian and Japanese food culture.

Aug 07, 2019

New Zealand Police Officer’s Letter of Thanks to 18th WPFG Host City

On August 12, the Chengdu organizing committee of the 2019 World Police and Fire Games (WPFG) received a letter of thanks from Mr. Russel, a police liaison officer from New Zealand.

Aug 13, 2019

Wonderful Moments of 2019 WPFG

As a sports extravaganza for police officers and firefighters with international influence, the biennial WPFG sees the participation of active and retired law enforcement and fire service personnel from all over the world.

Aug 15, 2019

Goodbye, 2019 WPFG

The conclusion of the 2019 WPFG is believed to herald a new chapter for Chengdu in its effort to become a world-famous city of sporting events.

Aug 19, 2019

Zoo Berlin getting ready to welcome newborn panda cubs

Zoo Berlin, dubbed as the most species-rich zoo worldwide, is getting ready to welcome one or two newborn panda cubs as experts say it's very likely that the 6-year-old panda Meng Meng is pregnant.

Aug 19, 2019

An Encounter with African Culture

The GoChengdu Classes on World Culture: A Poetic & Cultural Journey, was staged August 16 at Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage Museum.

Aug 26, 2019

Come to Share Your Videos with Pandas

To provide a platform for panda fans in the world to show their love for the giant panda, GoChengdu.cn cooperated with Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding (Panda Base) to launch the program "Wanted: Your Panda Videos" to solicit short-time video footages recording the life of giant pandas by panda fans from the world.

Aug 22, 2019

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