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“Chengdu has offered me an incredible environment in which to grow up.”
Life as a second generation foreigner living in Chengdu has provided me with tremendous opportunities and I am so glad my family has decided to settle in Chengdu, a most wonderful and dynamic city in a beautiful country, which also offers a well-balanced lifestyle.
I should say that I find it funny that I am considered a foreigner by most people I meet, just because my dad comes from Canada and my appearance may reveal some foreign characteristics, however subtle, blended with Chinese. Actually, I was born in Chengdu, to a Chinese mother and so I am Chinese by birth and I am happy to consider China as my home country, while also appreciating my father’s Canadian heritage and enjoying the right to Canadian citizenship as a birthright, for a child of a Canadian parent, born abroad.
Chengdu has offered me an incredible environment in which to grow up. I attended a local Chinese Kindergarten and all my years in primary school were spent within the Chinese public school system, which now, looking back, I most thoroughly appreciate for instilling in me the ability to communicate fluently in my native language (Chinese), while also picking up local dialects from Sichuan and Shanghai.
This initial education in the language was essential to learning the culture of my native land and thanks to my parents for being firm on this point and insisting, despite the difficulties, that I study in a Chinese school, complete with its hard focus on repetition and homework. It was necessary. I see that now.
I am also very fortunate to have been trained by a traditional Chinese art master for over eight years and so my traditional ink wash painting skills are well established and my sketching and drawing and other skills associated with the teaching, have formed the artistic foundation for my current video productions. In creating the virtual worlds and scenes contained within my videos, I have utilized perspective, angles, distortion and sight lines all taught to me in those classes every week for years and years. It has paid off nicely.
Now I use the most advanced computer software, including Cinema 4D, Adobe Premier and Photoshop to create, produce and edit my gameplay and tutorial videos enjoyed by millions of viewers.
These days, I attend the Confucius International School located in Anren Museum Town, just west of the city of Chengdu, in the countryside. My family discovered that there are many excellent international schools available for children of both local and expatriate parents in Chengdu. I like the Confucius International School because it has been very flexible for me and I was also able to teach my very own “digital media” elective course to high school students within our school last term and was pleased to be able to share my knowledge of digital media with them.
Chengdu is world-renowned for its artistic and cultural communities, with many famous poets, writers, artists and film makers coming from the region. I plan to be a part of that and follow in the footsteps of my father and mother who have been very active in the arts and culture sectors for many years. They have been very open and supportive of my video productions and channels, which requires me to work on the computer many hours each day. I intersperse this working regimen with trips to the local parks and I go swimming with my grandfather for regular exercise at a local swim club.
My goal is to become one of the premier video hosts and micro-content creators on the internet, similar to foreign streaming video channel star Pewdiepie from the Switzerland. My Chinese online persona is Mei Ge and my channel is known as BrotherVegh, but I am expanding my channel to build an eSports team and education center to teach new micro-content creators and that facility I will call “StarCloud”. My mother and father are helping me to set that up.
Soon, I will begin promoting other apps and games on my channel as I have been approached by several companies wanting to sponsor my channel and help me grow.
For this article, I created a tribute video to the city of Chengdu, to show my appreciation for all of the good things it has brought to my life so far. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed growing up in this city.
The Chengdu Tribute video already got over 26,650 page veiws on Youku in two days.
video to the city of Chengdu made by Nathaniel Vegh :

About the Author:
A 12-year-old son of his Canadian father and Chinese mother, Nathaniel Vegh was born and raised in Chengdu. He currently attends the Confucius International School and spends his free time producing his own gameplay and eSports video channels for the Chinese web.
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