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People are always asking me where I am from, I say I am Chengdu English. I am ‘Chenglish’.
DAN ANDREW TREACHER, Chinese name Qi Danlin, born in England, raised in China, currently studying at the Balboa International Academy in Chengdu.
I love listening to stories, but today I want to tell you my story. I have two ‘crowns’ (swirls of hair) on my head, my dad jokes one swirl is east, one is west. My Dad is English, my mum is Chinese, they met in a little bar in Chengdu on Millennium Eve, it was fate!
I was born in 2010 in England. When I was born my dad had already carefully chosen both my Chinese and English names. My Chinese name is Qi Danlin. Dan because my mother was born in Shandan on the Silk Road in Gansu Province (Dan also means ‘red’ and my mum’s English name is ‘Scarlet’), Lin because my Chinese Grandfather is called Lin (forest) Shan (mountain).
When I was only three months old my mum and dad brought me on the long plane journey to the big city of Chengdu. I have been told that when I met my Chinese family at the airport, I burst into tears. But now I am five years old, used to living in the big city, and can help my mum with the luggage at the airport. People are always asking me where I am from, I say I am Chengdu English, I am ‘Chenglish’. Not only can I speak standard English, I can speak Standard Chinese along with some local Chengdu phrases that I picked up in my local kindergarten.
I am now studying at the Balboa International Academy. I love my school and really like my teacher Anthony (who is American) and the other teachers and students. I really know my food, I like dishes likeGanbian Sijidou (dry-cooked string beans), Mapo Tofu. But what I like best is Shaokao in an alley near where I live in Yulin. My parents always bring me to funny places in Chengdu, like Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. I love giant pandas, they are so cute!
This autumn I started Kungfu classes. My coaches are really impressive, like Kungfu Panda. I hope one day I become a Kungfu master.
That’s all, this is my Chenglish life story.

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Nov 25, 2015

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