Bill Fisher: My Chengdu Story

Authors: Bill Fisher (China Daily)


Watching people come and go, I realized a very important facet of Chengdu: Chengdu people really enjoy life.
My first encounter with Chengdu was a misty weekend in November. My company had suggested that to further my career I might consider relocating to Chengdu from Beijing, and before jumping into the assignment, I wanted to see what I would be getting into. I was skeptical — after all, any Beijinger will tell you there is no finer city than their hometown. I desperately needed to find the answers to some pressing questions: would I be able to find a comfortable pub on Friday nights? What about my beloved bagels and New York style pizza? Quality of life issues will vary from person to person, mine may be a little specific.
I was immediately impressed. Within thirty minutes of leaving the airport the taxi driver brought me to the Tongzilin neighborhood for lunch. Nestled along clean, leafy-green streets I found a great selection of outdoor cafes, and I was intrigued to see so many locals and expats sitting outside enjoying their Saturday afternoon. I took a seat, ordered my lunch, and while watching people come and go I realized a very important facet of Chengdu: Chengdu people really enjoy life.
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