A Visit to an International Student's University Apartment

Authors: Home in Chengdu


Have a place to live in an alien land and have something to attach themselves with the unfamiliar surroundings.
What China looks like? Different people have different views. Daina , a girl from Kazakhstan, used to be one of those who have great curiosity about China. In 2014, she decisively filed an application for studying in China, trying to find a real China by herself.
In the autumn of 2014, Daina was enrolled in the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, starting her journey of experiencing life in China, which was something she had been expecting for a long time.
When it comes to her apartment in the university, Daina is very talkative. She told us that Winnie the Pooh on the bed is a birthday gift given by her classmates and the pinky wall surface is the outcome of her cooperation with the classmates. Obviously, she has established good relationships with her classmates and is passionate about life.
Daina loves music and dancing. In addition to playing the tamboura she has brought to China from Kazakhstan, she finds a local teacher to teach her to play Guzheng (aka. Chinese zither, a traditional plucked musical string instrument). Learning the musical instrument of a foreign country is her unique approach to integrate herself into a different culture.

Witnessing Chengdu’s Fast Growth, Looking forward to Success of “Home in Chengdu” Project

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A Guidebook for Foreigners Living in Chengdu

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Jan 09, 2017

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