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Find current upcoming events and have fun on weekends.

Exhibition for Sunken Treasures from the Minjiang River

Time: Oct.21, 2018-Jan.18, 2019

Venue: Sichuan Museum

A total of 521 pieces of cultural items, part of the relics salvaged at Jiangkou of the Minjiang River, are displayed at Sichuan Museum. The exhibits include coins, jewels, gold and silver ingots, and iron weapons.

The exhibits are just a tiny fraction of the over 40,000 pieces saved at the site in the Minjiang River near the Jiangkou Town of Pengshan District of Meishan City. They are believed to be owned by the peasant uprising leader Zhang Xianzhong (1606-1647) during the late Ming Dynasty.

Roman Signer: Video & Film

Time: Nov.3, 2018-Mar.24, 2019

Venue: LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum

Swiss artist Roman Signer has a significant impact on many contemporary artists, noted for his works visualizing ordinary objects in people's daily lives by video and film, through which he interprets his understanding of the world and the boundary between art and life.

The Secret Heat Group Exhibition in Film Photography

Time: Nov.30-Dec.16

Venue: #37 Shuinianhe Street, Jinjiang District

The Secret Heat is a collective metaphor and stands for the minute but ever-present possibility for the fantastical and extraordinary moments existing behind everyday life.

The Secret Heat photography collective was born on the Internet, and has come into being in Chengdu to present its first group show.

The Lady of The Camellias

Time: Dec.16

Venue: 1958 E'mei Movie Theater

The Travel Tour Exhibition

Time: Dec.16, 2018-Feb.11, 2019

Venue: The Together Hostel, #39 Huaxing Street, Jinjiang District

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