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Find current upcoming events and have fun on weekends.
Sichuan Rural Art Exhibition
Time: Mar.2
Venue: Chengdu Hong Museum
The First Sichuan Rural Art Exhibition at the Hong Museum displays over 370 art works of different genres and types, including embroidery, New Year's painting, paper cut, shadow figure and painted clay figurine, etc. The event will help you know more about rural art in Sichuan.
Chinese Ancient Eave Tiles Exhibition
Time: Feb.13-Mar.4
Venue: Chengdu Yongling Museum
The exhibition displays over 300 selected Chinese ancient eave tiles of the past two thousand years collected by the museum, as well as more than 60 pieces from a museum in Xi'an.
2018 Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival
Time: Feb.13-Mar.4
Venue: Jinsha Site Museum
The festival put on show over 50 groups of large lanterns, five groups of 15-meter lanterns and more than 5,000 decorated trees in an area of 10,000 square meters, highlighting local traditions, the custom of sun worshipping, Tianfu culture and civilization of Pompeii, and creating a fabulous world of lights for visitors.
Ancient Treasures from Afghanistan
Time: Feb.1-May.6
Venue: Chengdu Museum
The National Museum of Afghanistan opened in 1919 and once had a collection of over 100,000 items dating back several millennia, most of which had been looted, destroyed or even disappeared in decades of wars in the country. The 231 pieces/sets of exhibits selected from those survived will unveil a mysterious and legendary ancient culture.
Annual Art Exhibition 2018 of Chengdu Art Academy
Time: Jan.20-Mar.4
Venue: Chengdu Art Academy
The exhibition showcases over 60 works of different styles and characters by 59 domestic painters. The exhibition of this year, an important annual event hosted by the Academy, has the theme of Seeing the World through Small Paintings.

Chinese New Year Quiz Time!

Chinese New Year Quiz Time!

Feb 11, 2018

Sichuan Chinese New Year Shopping Festival Wraps up in City

The 22nd Chinese New Year Shopping Festival in Sichuan, organized by the Sichuan Supplier Chamber of Commerce and Sichuan Marketing Association, was concluded at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center February 11.

Feb 11, 2018

List of Chinese New Year’s Activities in Chengdu

A plethora of activities related to the Spring Festival, covering art, culture, film etc., will be held during the whole Spring Festival season.

Feb 14, 2018

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