Rural Tourism Festival Kicks Off in Wenjiang

Authors: Go Chengdu


Chengdu's western Wenjiang District embraces rural tourism festival.
The 8th Rural Tourism Festival started in Wenjiang District in western Chengdu on April 1, with five buses featuring Wenjiang's distinctive rural tourism culture been unveiled. It was aimed to give the tourists a good understanding of Wenjiang's rural tourism, in particular, its glorious culture and diverse tourism resources.
During this opening ceremony, one bus decorated with diverse flora caught great attention. Also the event has offered visitors a good opportunity to view the landscape, beautiful roses and other flowers, appreciate local famous food as well as ride bicycles in idyllic rural areas.
With the theme of "In Love Again Wenjiang's Countryside", the festival will run throughout the year to end in December. It aims to highlight Wenjiang's natural beauty and cultural glamour in all four seasons. Various activities will be held during the festival. For example, in spring, tourists can have a picnic in villages.
In addition, the first rural tour bus route from downtown Chengdu to Wenjiang District will be open on April 15.

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