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There are a large number of teahouses in Chengdu, of different classes from luxury to street-side stalks. Here we introduce some teahouses for you to find your own best in the city.

Tea is to Sichuan is what wine is to Burgundy or beer is to Bavaria: a cultural logo, a dietary staple, a product that inspires tremendous local pride. Though tea is grown in many parts of China, nobody drinks it with such devotion as the people of Chengdu.
But what sets Chengdu apart is the tea houses. Spend a whole afternoon at a local teahouse and you’ll get a better understanding of the style of Chengdu’s life.
There are a large number of teahouses in Chengdu, of different classes from luxury to street-side stalks. Here we introduce some teahouses for you to find your own best in the city.
Generally, there are five kinds of teahouses in Chengdu: Sichuan Opera Teahouse, Zen Teahouse, Outdoor Teahouse, Meeting Room Teahouse and Street Teahouse.
Sichuan Opera Teahouses

Where you can watch Sichuan Opera performances and Chinese tea art show while enjoying tea.
The best-known includes Shunxing Old Teahouse, Yuelai Teahouse, Shufeng Yayun Teahouse.
Shunxing Old Teahouse: a Sichuan-style restaurant & teahouse famous for its Sichuan Opera and Erhu performances.
Addresses: #258 Shawan Road, Chengdu International Exhibition Center F3 (Jinniu District 金牛区沙湾国际会展中心3楼,沙湾店);#1 Mid-section of Tianfu Avenue, Wuhou District (武侯区天府大道中段1号,世纪城店)
Yuelai Teahouse: on the left of Jinjiang Theatre, where you can watch performances of Sichuan opera every Saturday night (except on the first day of every month). Prices from 20 (US$3.25), which includes tea and a two-hour performance. You can also go there at other times of the day, with the ticket prices from 10 (US$1.60).
Address: #54 Huaxing Zhengjie Street, Jinjiang District (锦江区华兴正街54号锦江剧场内悦来茶馆)

Zen Teahouses
The best includes Mixun Teahouse, Zhaojue Monastery Teahouse and so on.

Mi Xun Teahouse: No. 7-8 Zhanghuali Lane. Nestled in Chengdu’s fashionable commercial community and historical buildings, the tea house boasts an ambience of elegance and tranquility. Address: #81 Bitieshi Street, Jinjiang District (笔帖式街81号太古里博舍酒店内,谧寻茶室)

Outdoor Teahouses
Teahouses in the parks and by the rivers are the best place to have a look into the daily life of ordinary people of the city, and on fine days you’d find people sipping tea, playing chess, gossiping with friends or just snoozing on the bamboo chair. In such places you can also enjoy the ear cleaning, a joy to local residents and an extra to your city exploring experience.

For this we recommend the Heming Teahouse, which is located in People’s Park.

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