Season’s Greetings from Flowers

Authors: Go Chengdu


Go to suburbs of Chengdu now, and you’ll find flowers of various kinds in full display — pear, peach, cherry, apricot, tulip, azalea and of course rapeseed flowers — and the vernal breeze rises, sending the scents to greet your nostrils with the fresh fragrance of the season: the flowers are bursting into full bloom and it’s the right time to have a nice trip for flower appreciation.
Longquan Mountains
One of the most famous locations of peach orchards in China, the Longquan Mountains in Longquanyi District in eastern Chengdu always attract city residents coming to the peach blossoms in spring, and the on-going Chengdu Peach Blossom Festival is a must for Chengdu people.
Chongzhou City
The 4th Sichuan Flower-viewing Festival is now staged in western Chengdu’s Chongzhou City, where the rapeseed flowers are in full bloom.
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