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Chengdu is at the forefront of the new pet café initiative, with entrepreneurs opening new cafes left and right. These pet cafes can be split in three categories that we’ve encountered so far: cat cafes, pet cafes, and cafes based on breed.
Cat Cafés have been taking the world by storm recently, with varieties of cat cafes available all throughout China. For students who are unable to have pets at school (or people who already have pets but still love meeting new pets), cat cafes are the perfect opportunity to combine schoolwork and leisure!
Chengdu is at the forefront of the new pet café initiative, with entrepreneurs opening new cafes left and right. These pet cafes can be split in three categories that we've encountered so far: cat cafes, pet cafes, and cafes based on breed.
First, we'll explain the most classic of the pet cafes: the cat café. Cat cafes are cafes that exclusively serve as homes for cats and cater to their every need. These cat cafes are gaining popularity across the globe as people become more familiar with the idea of holding meetings and spending long periods of time in cafes. Guests can play with cats and the cats' toys while drinking a coffee or tea.
Next are the pet cafes, which often feature cats and dogs together in the same café. These cafes are interesting to visit, since one can see cats and dogs interacting firsthand. Also, if you and your friends disagree on whether cats or dogs are superior, this is a great place to meet in the middle!
Last are the breed cafes, which serve as a home for specific breeds that are popular. In Chengdu, we've found Corgi cafes and Shiba Inu Cafes. These cafes only feature these specific breeds of dog.
To visit a pet café, a guest will usually buy a beverage to support the maintenance of the pets and to be able to play with them! Before playing with the pets, the café will expect you to sanitize your hands and wear slippers.
Below we'll list some of the pet cafes we suggest:
MQ Corgi café (MQ柯基狗咖 Kē jī gǒu kā)
We visited MQ Corgi Café on a Thursday night. We ordered Caramel Macchiatos, played with the Corgis, and finished up some homework. This café gets busy on the weekends and 1 hour wait times are expected, so I would recommend coming after 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday or choosing a time during the weekday instead! Workspace in this café is a bit limited but it's a quiet environment. This café offers snacks for 10 yuan that can be fed to the Corgis and a ball pit for pictures!
Gedu Cat Café(格度猫咪咖啡馆) (Gé dù māomī kāfēi guǎn)
Located in front of the IFS shopping center on the 20th floor (The 1st City building B), visitors to this cat café can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Due to being on the 20th floor, visitors must ride an elevator to access the coffee shop. The elevators are located next to a parking garage and may sometimes have lines of people waiting outside. This cat café exclusively has cats, even including a few rare breeds like sphinx cats. We ordered lattes at this location and used toys to play with the cats.
Gu Cat Coffee (Gu猫Coffee) (māo)
This was the last of the cat cafes we visited. We visited specifically because we heard this cat café had cats and dogs all in one café! We were all curious to see how they would behave when in the same room. This cat café has several breeds of cat, two Corgis, and a Shiba Inu. Luckily, this cat café is located very close to our university (Southwest Minzu University's old campus), with a commute of 10 minutes on bike. It is also located near Hua Xi Ba metro station. We ordered Caramel Macchiatos here and used the toys to play with the pets. This coffee shop specifically had a tiny robot that guests could connect to through WeChat. The robot could move around and emit a beam of light to play with the pets. Although this coffee shop is very spacious, one of the downsides of studying in this shop is that the dogs get a little rowdy when around the cats. Otherwise, the dogs took on very cat-like behaviors.
All-in-all, our experience at the cat cafes was positive. The pet cafes target different tastes, but we enjoyed being able to visit each kind.

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