Laba Festival: Count-down to Spring Festival

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Laba Festival is here, the Spring Festival is around the corner.
The most important meaning of Laba Festival is perhaps its count-down of days to the most important Chinese festival, the Spring Festival.
A traditional festival in China, the Laba Festival is celebrated on the 8th day of the 12th month in the Chinese lunar calendar, only a few days to the Chinese Spring Festival. On the day, people would eat Laba Porridge (腊八粥 in Chinese), a ceremonial congee dish, to celebrate harvest, worship gods, and make good wishes for the coming new year. So it is also called Laba Rice Porridge Festival.
Many temples and monasteries in China have the tradition of offering porridge to the public to commemorate the Buddha and deliver blessings. The Laba Festival of this year falls on Jan. 24, and Wenshu Monastery in downtown Chengdu is offering Laba Porridge to people on the day.
The Laba Porridge offered by Wenshu Monastery is well known for its choice ingredients and good cooking and very popular among local residents. The porridge of this year is made up of some 20 kinds of ingredients.
About Laba Porridge:
Laba porridge, or eight-treasure porridge,is made of various ingredients like rice, peanuts, beans, lotus seeds and so on. Recipes may vary in different regions and by individual preferences.
"La", a Chinese character, refers to the name of the last month in the lunar calendar―the La month (腊月 in Chinese), while "Ba" means the number of eight.

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