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A bike ride around the city will not only make you feel invigorated but also give you the chance to see the city’s most beautiful sights.
Skip the cab ride or bus tour, and opt for a tour of greenways by bike will not only make you feel invigorated but give you the chance to see some of the city’s most beautiful sights.
The many Greenway Bike Paths around the city will make your cycling a truly different experience: you can skip traffic, get close to nature and see the city from a new angle, enjoy gorgeous views.
So now we recommend 4 greenways that are best known among cyclists in the city.
1. Jinjiang 198 LOHAS
An easily accessible greenway for the downtown dwellers with a total length of 12.8km, close to the Golden Port Circuit and Galway Park. Good views of rivers, flying egrets and more at the LOHAS art museum.
Bike rental: ID card, cash deposit of 300 RMB; 2-hour free rental
2. Wenjiang Greenway
Often named as “the best greenway for cycling in Chengdu”, the path has a total length of 67 km. Part of the path runs along the Jiang’an River and offers the very agreeable sights of lush vegetation, flower fields and historical sites.
Bike rental: 10 RMB/Hr, 40 RMB/day (cash deposits of 300-500 RMB depending on bike brands)
3. Shaxi Greenway
The greenway in Pixian County in western Chengdu consists of two branches, one for flower appreciation the other for river sights. The 26 km-long path also provides green spaces for jogging, playing games and recreational activities. A visit to neighboring farm houses will prove a worthy respite for cyclists.
Bike rental: cash deposit of 100 RMB; 10 RMB/hr, 2-hour free rental
4. Shuangliu Greenway
The longest greenway in Chengdu, Shuangliu Greenway has a total length of 237.6 km and provides a close look to several fruit farms and scenic spots for cyclist to enjoy the pleasant rural scenery on the way.
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