Dancing Noodle Cook Becomes Internet Celebrity

Authors: China Daily


A noodle cook in Chengdu has become the latest Internet celebrity after a video of him dancing while making noodles went viral on social media.

In the video, the cook could be seen jumping and spinning to music while waving an incredibly long noodle in the air. His enthusiastic dance moves and enchanting expressions drove netizens crazy. "I think he is more than just a chef. He is a talented performer," commented one. Another said, "This has brightened my day!"

Tian Bo, 31, works at a noodle restaurant in Huanglongxi Town, a popular tourist site in southern Chengdu. The dish, known as "one single noodle," or "longevity noodle," is a traditional dish in this ancient town. It consists of only one noodle that is long enough to fill a bowl.

The competition among local restaurants is fierce. To attract more customers, Tian decided to do something special. At first, he just shook his body while pulling noodles. The idea soon caught on with others. Since last October, he has put on a new stunt featuring dance to the music. He also did his utmost to perfect his dance moves and add rich expressions later.

After the video was posted online, tourists went to see his performance. Some out-of-town enterprises tried to lure him and offered him better pay. For now, however, Tian said he would stay at the restaurant. He hoped to open his own noodles restaurant in the future.

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