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Let’s have a look at the must-see fashion and art spaces in Chengdu and feel the artistic sense in the city.
China's dynamic economic and social developments, together with its long-lasting cultural tradition, have given rise to the emergence of the cultural industry in the country, as exemplified by the numerous new art and fashion spaces in Chengdu, where you can feel the pulse of fresh power of artistic pursuits in the new era.
Polestar Production Center
Located in southern Chengdu, the center is a showcase and incubation base of industrial designs to highlight the concepts of sustainability and aesthetics of the Polestar brand.
Address: Tiangong Avenue No. 1280, Tianfu New Area
Chengdu Museum
The museum by the Tianfu Square in the center of Chengdu is home to more than 200,000 art and cultural relics of 4,000 years, including bronze ware, stone carvings, ceramics, shadow puppets and other kinds of cultural items.
Address: No.1 Xiaohe Street, Qingyang District
iF Design Center Chengdu
Opened in November 2019, the community of design studios from all over the world, with an area of 4,000 square meters, offers a reach to the foremost development of the creative industry in the world.
Address: Jinronghui Building, # 200 of 5th Tianfu Street
Chengdu City Music Hall
Chengdu City Music Hall, with a 1,600-seat opera house, a 1,400-seat concert hall, a 400-seat theater hall and a 300-seat small concert hall, is a top facility in China of the performing arts. In addition, there is an open-air theater for a diverse range of performing arts, including concerts and drama. Combining the decorative design and acoustics perfectly, the project has been completed by the end of 2019.
Address: #45, 1st section of South 1st Ring Road, Wuhou District
Huazhen Museum of Tibetan & Qiang Cultures
The Qiang ethnic minority, with a history of more than 3,000 years, is one of the original ethnic groups in China. The traditional Qiang embroidery has been listed as one of the national intangible cultural heritages. In 2012, Yang Huazhen, a woman of Qiang ethnic group, set up the museum, where more women can have trainings on the traditional techniques.
Address: Qiong Kiln Archaeology Relics Park, Qionglai City
Zhi Art Museum
Zhi Art Museum is located at the foot of Laojun Mountain in southwestern Chengdu. An iconic work by renowned Japanese master architect, Kengo Kuma, the museum embodies the Eastern philosophy of "Learning from Nature". The architecture of the museum integrates its surrounding elements harmoniously.
Zhi Art Museum focuses on the exploration of global contemporary art with the context of the future, present and past of Eastern aesthetics.
Address: # 1, Junshan Road, Xinjin County
Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum
The museum is a landmark in the Fuhe Photo Park, the first photography park developed in China. The museum includes several exhibition rooms, a conference room, a library and numerous spaces dedicated to educational projects.
Address: Fuhe Photo Park, Jinniu District
Set up at the site of a former chemical plant, Chem-THEATER is now a experimental field for young people to realize their dreams in art and drama, where the distinctive styles can be found in the architecture and surrounding environment.
Address: Cuijiadian South Road, Chenghua District
Luyeyuan Stone Sculpture Art Museum (Mrgadava Museum)
A construction of reinforced concrete, glass and steel, shale bricks, pebbles and blue stones, it is a small private themed museum to put on display of over 1000 stone sculptures ranging from Han Dynasty to Ming and Qing dynasties.
Address: Yunqiao Village, Xinmin Town, Pidu District
Luxelakes·A4 Art Museum
The art center was founded in March 2008 and has held 48 contemporary art exhibitions and over 700 lectures, salons, and workshops, cooperating with 307 distinguished artists and more than 30 accomplished curators in the past twelve years.
Address: Luxelakes Eco-City, Tianfu New Area
Qing An Vegan Restaurant & Art
This multi-use space includes areas for custom-made cheongsam and world-famous furniture brands, a restaurant with plenty of vegan options and a bookstore of books on arts.
This light, airy and cozy space, known for its focus on positive energy, is also a recommended destination for a big group or intimate dates. Many people come for the art and stay for the food, or participate a sharing session.
Address: #88 Tiexiangsi Road, Tianfu Street, High-tech Zone, Wuhou District
Xu Liaoyuan Museum of Modern Art and Design (XLY MoMa)
The first private museum of Art and Design in China, the museum is named after the famous artist and designer Mr. Xu Liaoyuan. An institution for art exhibitions, the site highlights the concept of "art back to life". It is a center where art lovers can experience imagination, finance, design, development, academic research, art sales, leisure and entertainment in an integrated experience.
Address: #303 Hongsha United Sanzu, Jinjiang District

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