Walking into the Light: Light Art Installation "Hexatron" on Display

Authors: Go Chengdu


An art installation created by US artist Mark K. Lottor at Chengdu IFS gives visitors a visual feast.
A grand sonic&light-art installation, called Hexatron, is on display at Chengdu IFS (International Finance Square), one of the trendiest shopping complexes in city. Over the next three months, the art exhibition will open for free to visitors, who can have an immersive experience of the unique integration of science, technology and fashion.
Developed by US artist Mark K. Lottor and introduced by Chengdu IFS, the Hexatron is a forest of 486 20ft tall LED light poles, arranged in a honeycomb and forming a large hexagon shaped footprint, displaying 3D computer controlled effects.
US artist Mark K.Lottor
The debut showing of Hexatron was on the Burning Man Festival 2018 in the US and this is the first time that the installation comes to China. According to Mark K. Lottor, all the poles made of special materials customized in China.
Models walk on the Hexatron at the 2nd International Fashion Week at Chengdu IFS

Admission: free
Duration: Nov.6, 2019 - Feb.14, 2020

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