We're All Smurfs Comes to Chengdu This Summer

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Get close to the Smurfs, sing with them, take a picture with them, and understand what it’s like to be so small!
The Smurfs, from the classic Belgian comic cartoon of "Johan & Peewit" created by Belgian comic artist Peyo, comes to Chengdu this summer.
Chengdu IFS kicked off the Smurfs world tour exhibition on July 14, the first stop on the Chinese mainland. The Smurfs show combines the local chili element with the Smurfs images to create a brand new tour show.
From July 14 to September 10, 2017, Chengdu IFS will become an enormous "We're All Smurfs!" village. What's more, a 4-metre giant Smurf holding gaint chilli peppers will be greeting you up in the air inside the mall (LG2), together with a display of 10 classic comic scenes of The Smurfs in the Sculpture Garden of Chengdu IFS's 7th Floor.
Additionally, the display will include a Smurf Museum and a Smurf themed shop as well as a Smurf "pop-up store", providing visitors a truly "Smurf" experience.
Created by Belgian comic artist, Pierre Culliford (better known as Peyo) in 1958, the Smurfs became a permanent part of the 1980s pop culture when the Hanna-Barbera cartoon launched on Saturday morning cartoons in 1981. Up to now, Smurfs has continue to entertain millions of people around the world.
Perio: July 14-Sept.10, 2017
Venue: Chengdu IFS, Sculpture Garden/Art Gallery (7th Floor) /LG2
Admission: Free
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