That’s Where You Can Find Me

Authors: Go Chengdu


A series of watercolor and ink painting works depicting scenes in Chengdu has become an online hit.
A series of 21 watercolor and ink painting works depicting scenes in Chengdu, posted by an artist from Leshan, soon became an online hit and was acclaimed as “a dreamlike, otherworldly interpretation of the beautiful sights in Chengdu that stirs up the nostalgic feelings in the lonely hearts living away from the hometown”.
“They are my memory of Chengdu,” said Guo Jinsong, author of the paintings.
Guo, 47, now lives in Leshan City in southern Sichuan, and he explains that he has since childhood spent much of his time visiting Chengdu, which has become his second hometown.
Many the familiar scenes in Chengdu, including the old teahouse, stone roads, local snacks, modern buildings and historical sites, have their representations in the posts with a title “That’s Where You Can Find Me”.
Once you come to Chengdu, you wish you’d stay here forever, and so come and find me…
Find me at the North Railway Station. I will be there waiting for you and pick you up from the crowds when our eyes meet.
Find me in Zongfu Street, and you will feel so sweet and warm when you have the first bite of the rice dumplings.
Find me at the Tianfu Square, and we’ll go to the Science and Technology Museum to feel the pulse of the city’s development and look to the future.
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A Foreigner’s Chengdu Complex

Ms. Marion Alfretta Walmsley Walker with her husband and her granddaughter returned to her birthplace —— Chengdu.

Jun 29, 2014

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