Qiang Styles on Starbucks Bags, Cards

Authors: Go Chengdu


Starbucks Coffee Company launches two new designs featuring the Qiang embroidery, a traditional handicraft by the Qiang people living in Sichuan.
As Starbucks Coffee Company has presented two new designs for its gift cards and bags issued in China, people are finding that one of the designs features the Qiang embroidery, a traditional handicraft by the Qiang people living in Sichuan.
The designer, Yang Huazhen, said the designs are based on her works that were finished two years ago. Yang is now curator of Chengdu Qiang Culture Museum and an inheritor of the Tibetan Cross-stitch Embroidery, a National Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) item. She applied the techniques of Qiang embroidery to her creation of Twelve Flowers for 12 Months, and the pattern of the camellia was chosen as the design for Starbucks' new gift cards and bags.
About Qiang Embroidery
The Qiang people is minority ethnic group living in northwestern Sichuan, with the congregations in Mao County and Wenchuan County in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. Qiang embroidery was included in the list China's National ICH Items because of its long tradition and elaborate compositions, splendid colors and unique styles. Works of the embroidery are very popular in China and overseas and can be found at shops in tourist spots in Chengdu, such as the Wide and Narrow Alleys.

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