Chen Hao the Voice Actor: a Familiar Stranger

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When people show great interest in The Sound, a popular TV show where celebrities are shown dubbing video clips, few of them really know much about dubbing as a profession. And the interview with Chen Hao, a voice actor, may help you get a better understanding of the world of dubbing and the life of the dubbers.
We admit that we were not very impressed when we saw for the first time Chen Hao, even he's a quite tall and handsome guy, with a good figure, but it was his voice that mesmerized us.
Yes, we had that voice in Sponge Bob, Ye Wen, and over a hundred other popular movies. A graduate from the College of Film & TV Art of Sichuan Normal University, Chen Hao has been in the profession of dubbing for almost 20 years and made his name known in the movie industry.
Why dubbing necessary for a movie
While lavishing praises on the looks and good performances of the actors and actresses in the movies and TV series, some people may complain about the fact that "they have the dubbing" and even question the professional competence of the actors.
"It's a misunderstanding," noted Chen Hao, "I have to say something for the actors."
Chen said that dubbing is a necessary part in the production of most films and TV series for the simple reason that dubbing serves as a good method to counteract the many interfering factors during the recording, such as the sounds from a passing plane, or the undesirable accents of some of the cast in the film.
That's why voice actors are needed in most movies.
Hidden but Not Lost
"I never feel frustrated about my life and career."
Chen Hao said he is gratified by his profession, which has given him financial support and the promise to move on when he feels low.
"I feel great to be part of a successful movie," said Chen, "Only when a person has done his own job, there will be a good world for everyone."
"Dubbing is my job, and also a part of the artwork. I should be really proud if I were lucky enough to be with the top guys in making a movie. That's enough to make me feel good with my life."
My Home is in Chengdu
After being a "migrant bird" in Beijing for more than 10 years, Chen Hao returned to Chengdu in 2015. "My family live here, and my two kids need my company. I feel at home in Chengdu ― life in here suits me best."
"Chengdu makes people feel comfortable ― the weather and the lifestyle. And also it is the place where I can speak my native dialect, Sichuanhua."

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