Jinjiang District Puts Young Talent Stations into Service
The first 13 Young Talent Stations were put into operation on July 15 in Chengdu.
The first 13 Young Talent Stations — temporary accommodation facilities for talents coming to Chengdu — were put into operation on July 15 in Chengdu, as part of the city's initiative to promote the talent introduction. So far, the stations in Jinjiang District have received more than 10 Chengdu Drifters (usually people of qualifications seeking job opportunities in Chengdu without local registered residence).
The practice of the stations includes providing 7-day free accommodation for college graduates of this year with bachelor degree or above coming to Chengdu from other cities for employment, lectures and training on know-how of the city, job seeking, communication, and relevant services.
To know more about the service, visit http://cloud.cdcyl.org.cn

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