Dance Drama: Peacock of Winter
China’s famous choreographer and dancer Yang Liping is to present her dance drama Peacock of Winter April 5-8 at Jincheng Art Palace in Chengdu.
China's famous choreographer and dancer Yang Liping will bring her signature dance drama, The Peacock, to the audience of Chengdu early next month. The dance drama, directed and danced by Yang herself, has been staged at home and abroad hundreds of times since the debut in 2012.
The presentation of Peacock of Winter, to be staged at Jincheng Art Palace April 5-8, is part of drama The Peacock, which has four parts titled Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The peacock on the stage is the incarnation of love, fear, obsessions, sacrifice, perplexity, enlightenment and the quest of the meaning of life.

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