Chengdu International Marathon 2017
Western China International Expo Center-Tianfu International Financial Center
The Chengdu International Marathon 2017 will kick off at 08:00 on Sept. 23 in Chengdu. The number of participants will be up to 20,000.
The event consists of a full marathon (7,000 runners), a half marathon (8,000 runners) and a fun run (5,000 runners). The former two races are both for men and women, who are grouped by gender.
Starting Point: Western China International Expo Center
Finishing Point: Western China International Expo Center (full marathon and fun run), Tianfu International Financial Center (half marathon)
The registration for the Chengdu International Marathon 2017 will open at 08:00 on Aug. 8 and close at 17:00 on Aug. 11.
Please log onto (the official website of the event) for registration and relevant information.
If the participant cap exceeds 20,000, the organizing committee will draw lots to determine who can participate, and the results will be announced on Aug. 14.
Those chosen by lot shall submit, from 10:00 Aug. 14 to 17:00 Aug. 20, the information about their traffic on the event day, physical examination papers, and certificates proving their achievements obtained in previous similar events. All qualified runners shall complete the registration procedures from 10:30 Aug. 21 to 17:00 Aug. 23.