2018 Chengdu Panda Marathon
Dujiangyan City
The 2018 Chengdu Panda Marathon will take place at 08:30 on March 18 in northwest Chengdu's Dujiangyan City. Consisting of 3 races, including a marathon, a half marathon and a fun run, the event will see the participation of about 30,000 runners from across the world, and 12 professional marathoners with the personal best of 2'8"35. The ratio of male and female participants is 6:4.
With tracks running through many famous scenic spots in Dujiangyan City, including the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Panda Valley, Mt. Qingcheng and Jinma River Greenway.
The food to be offered to runners at the race will include local specialties like Chuanchuanxiang (a kind of spicy hot snack) and hot pot.
Running in the beautiful scenic spots with delicious food must be an incredible and impressive experience.
If you just visit the city on that day, go and cheer the runners and share the fun with them on the spot.
Running Courses
Half Marathon
Fun Run