2017 China Dragon Boat Regatta Open (Jintang, Chengdu)
2017.06.10 - 2017.06.11
Triathlon Venue in Jintang County
The 2017 China Dragon Boat Regatta Open (Jintang, Chengdu) will take place June 10-11 at the Triathlon Venue in northeastern Chengdu's Jintang County.
The event consists of two categories: open (including a 200-meter race, a 500-meter straightway regatta and a 5,000-meter race; 22 rowers for each team), and local (including a 200-meter and a 500-meter straightway regattas; 12 rowers for each team). 12 teams from around China will participate in the open races and 8 from Chengdu in the local ones.
Jintang County is known as the First City on the Tuojiang River and boasts rich water resources. The dragon boat regatta has long been a popular mass sport among local residents.