Travel around Dujiangyan with “Pandas”
2017.04.29 - 2017.05.01
Dujiangyan Scenic Spot
During the May Day holiday, a theme event Travel with "Pandas" will be held at the Dujiangyan Scenic Spot, where costumed pandas will interact with visitors at the scene and many other activities will be offered.
· The organizers will hand garbage bags out to participating families to pick up litter at the venue, in an effort to raise children's awareness of environmental protection.
· Children are encouraged to be guides of the scenic spot and share stories about the Dujiangyan Irrigation System with visitors.
· Visitors can take photos with costumed pandas at Fish Mouth, an attraction in the spot.
· Children can paint the giant pandas as they like, and draw pictures on T-shirts, clay sculptures and cups, etc.