Enjoy a Happy Holiday in Chengdu
2019.10.01 - 2019.10.07
What are you going to do during the 7-day National Day holiday? Here are some recommendations you can choose in the city.
2019 Tianfu Hibiscus Flowers Show
The ongoing 2019 Tianfu Hibiscus Flowers Showcases 600,000 hibiscus flowers and 30 million plants/pots of seasonal flowers will be on display at 40 sub-venues throughout the city.
Photo Exhibition: La Chine De Marc Riboud
French photographer Marc Riboud came to China for more than 20 times from 1957 to 2010, witnessing and recording the great changes of the country and its people.
Women's Art of Life in Ming Dynasty
The ongoing exhibition titled Women's Art of Life in Ming Dynasty at Sichuan Museum displays 61 pieces/sets of cultural relics in the Ming Dynasty (1368―1644).
Exhibition: Da Vinci in Chengdu
By using some advanced digital technologies, the exhibition offers visitors a dazzling audio-visual feast and fascinating immersive experience.