7th Chengdu Tea-Picking Festival
2017.03.18 - 2017.04.10
Pujiang County and Qionglai City
It is the right time to pick the most tender tea buds and leaves. The ongoing Chengdu Tea-Picking Festival at Pujiang County and Qionglai City of Chengdu offers a good opportunity to pick or purchase fresh tea.
Pujiang County
A series of activities are being held and to be staged at Chengjia Town of Pujiang County, including tea picking, tea art contest, photo contest and local food tasting.
Qionglai City
Colorful events being held and to be launched include a forum themed black tea, an agricultural products exhibition and a photo contest at Jiaguan Town, the main venue for the Festival in Qionglai City, and 6 other sub-venues in Wolong, Linji, Nanbaoshan, Pingle, Baolin and Ranyi towns.