32nd Chengdu Hibiscus Show
2016.09.26 - 2016.10.26
Chengdu Botanical Garden
Hibiscus is the city flower of Chengdu. During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (907–960), Meng Chang (919-965), the king of the Later Shu Kingdom (934-965), ordered to plant hibiscus trees throughout the city. Since then, Chengdu is called the City of Hibiscus. The 32nd Chengdu Hibiscus Show is being staged at Chengdu Botanical Garden, where visitors can appreciate over 4,000 hibiscus trees of 15 species nearly including all those in western Sichuan.
During the event, photo exhibitions themed the hibiscus culture and Chengdu history, shows of other cities' flowers, as well as a picture exhibition of hibiscus paintings are also offered.