22nd Chengdu Bamboo Culture Festival
2017.09.22 - 2017.10.22
Wangjianglou Park
China is home to many species of bamboos, and the plant plays an important role in the Chinese culture. Chinese people regard bamboo as a symbol of traditional Chinese values, representing such good personality traits as modesty, flexibility and perseverance.
The 22nd Chengdu Bamboo Culture Festival to be held at Wangjianglou Park will display eight groups of landscapes made of bamboos, which showcase waterscapes, Silk Road culture, bamboo and tea culture, etc. A humanoid robot resembling Xu Tao (about 768-832), a famous poetess living in Chengdu in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) , will give performances on a bamboo stage in the park.
During the Festival, organizers of the event will launch a bonsai show, an ikebana exhibition, a bamboo products and crafts fair, and a food bazaar.