2019 Tianfu Hibiscus Flowers Show
2019.09.28 - 2019.10.28
Joy Park and Chengdu Botanical Garden
The 2019 Tianfu Hibiscus Flowers Show will open on Sept. 28 at the Joy Park in Chengdu's Wuhou District, main venue of the event. During the Show, 600,000 hibiscus flowers and 30 million plants/pots of seasonal flowers will be on display at 40 sub-venues throughout the city.
Some sideshows will be staged during the Show, including an exhibition for award-winning works in a hibiscus themed cultural and creative product design competition, a photography exhibition themed Chengdu's achievements in building itself into a park city, and some public activities focusing on science education.
Main Venues for Appreciating Hibiscus Flowers during the Show
Chengdu Botanical Garden (Tianhuizhen, Jinniu District)
Joy Park (Jinhuaqiao, Wuhou District)
Valley of Flowers (Zhuanlong, Jintang County)
Hibiscus is the city flower of Chengdu. During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (907–960), Meng Chang (919-965), the king of the Later Shu Kingdom (934-965), ordered local people to plant hibiscus trees throughout the city. Since then, Chengdu has been called the City of Hibiscus.