Music Day
CapitaMall Tianfu, Evergrande Plaza & IBOX
The Music Day Chengdu Tour, part of the Festival Croisements 2016, will be staged at the CapitaMalls Tianfu, Evergrande Plaza and IBox in Chengdu on June 18. 30 local bands and rising stars and pop bands in the French music scene, like Nach, Success and Last Train, will show up at the event.
Anna Chedid, born on April 1, 1987, made up her stage name Nach with the last two letters of her first name and the first two of her surname. She released her first EP Elle Ou Moi in 2009 and her first album Nach in May 2015. Nach is an attractive and outgoing singer from France, drawing inspiration for her musical creations from her daily life. In her song Coeur de Pierre, the thrilling rhythm enables people to immerse themselves into sentimental love.
Since the band emerged from the Transmusicales Festival in Rennes in 2009, the band’s music has become highly popular in France and other European countries. In three consecutive years, Success was on tour in its home country, Europe and China. It took part in some avant-garde music events, such as Rock en Seine and Transmusicales. Its first album Hard to Come Back was based on the original soundtrack of the Hollywood blockbuster Zombieland. It released the powerful new album The Secret in 2011 and Social Network Junkies in 2013.
Last Train
The band Last Train made up of Leader singer Jean-Noël, guitarist Julien, bass player Tim and drummer Antoine, tours extensively the world and has become popular. It released its single Cold Fever in 2014 and Fire during its first European tour.