MDSK Music Festival
2017.09.02 - 2017.09.03
Single-day ticket (onsite): RMB350/each
VIP Single-day ticket: RMB520/each
International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park
The MDSK Music Festival, the first large-scale one of its kind in China, will be staged on Sept. 2-3 at International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park in Chengdu.
As a new brand of the Modern Sky, a leading indie music entertainment company in China, the Festival is meant to bring Hiphop fans together to share the world's latest hip hop trends.
Popular Hiphop musicians from home and abroad will make presence at the Festival, including American rappers and singers Theophilus London and Mick Jenkins, Zeebra from Japan, and Chinese Hiphop groups and musicians, such as Honghua Hui, Tizzy T, Higher Brothers and VAVA.