18th Xiling Snow Mountain Snow and Ice Festival
2017.12.20 - 2018.03.01
Xiling Snow Mountain, Dayi County
The 18th Xiling Snow Mountain Snow and Ice Festival will start on Dec. 20 at Xiliing Snow Mountain in west Chengdu's Dayi County. Tourists can appreciate beautiful snowscape, play snowballs, go skiing and take part in other colorful events during the Festival, including a music gala, family activities, a theme photography program, and a flash mob, etc.
The ski field in the mountain will open at 19:00-21:00 daily from Jan. to Feb., 2018. Professional illuminating system for the trails, decorative string lights, pendant lamps and LED spotlights will light up the night sky over the resort.
A shuttle bus will run between downtown Chengdu and Xiling Snow Moutain Scenic Spot starting on Dec. 20. It will depart from Huanhua Hotel (75 West Section 2, 2nd Ring Road) in downtown Chengdu at 07:30, and will return from the spot at 16:30.