Exhibition for Sunken Treasures from Minjiang River in Jiangkou
2018.10.21 - 2019.01.18
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Sichuan Museum
521 pieces of cultural relics from an underwater site are being displayed in the Sichuan Museum, including coins, jewels, gold and silver ingots, as well as iron weapons. All the exhibits are just a tiny fraction of the over 40,000 pieces which have been discovered at the site in the Minjiang River in Jiangkou Town, Pengshan District, Sichuan Province's Meishan City. They are believed to be owned by the peasant uprising leader Zhang Xianzhong (1606-1647) during the late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
Legend has it that in 1646 Zhang was defeated in the area by Ming government troops while attempting to transfer his treasures to the south. About 1,000 boats loaded with money and valuables are said to have sunk during the skirmish. The archaeological discovery suggests there may be some truth to the story, after all. The actual area of the site has been confirmed to be around 1 million square meters.
The exhibition includes two parts themed "Treasure" and "Underwater Archaeology" respectively. The latter primarily shows the up-to-date archaeological methods and techniques used during the excavation.