Around the Sounds
2014.06.14 - 2014.09.15
Chengdu, A4 Contemporary Arts Center

Around the Sounds includes a dozen visual and audio installations by French and foreign artists, and is produced by Grame, the National

Center for Musical Creation in Lyon. James Giroudon, Artistic Director of Grame, is the curator of this exhibition of visual and audio works on the cutting-edge of technology.

“The musical works have become multidimensional; sounds are projected at several points and create novel vibratory spaces.

The visual arts have integrated the dimension of sound as a parameter of writing.”

Around the Sounds is composed of the following segments:

Thierry De Mey -Top Shot

Pierre Alain Jaffrennou -mobile Musica

Robert Filliou -Musical Economy # 5

Trafik & Yann Orlarey -Sonik Cube

Thomas Leon - Glass House

Denys Vinzant -Of Gold and Space

Iuan Hau Chiang & Christian Rizzo - Fom 1

Pierre Schaeffer -Around

Vincent Carinola/David Olivier Latigaud -Monolith