Exhibition for Portrait Photos by Xiao Quan
2018.12.08 - 2019.01.08
the gallery at C-Park Ideality (Sec. 2 Wanshun Ave., Shuangliu District)
500 portrait photos by Xiao Quan, acclaimed as the best portrait photographer in China, are being exhibited at the gallery at the C-Park Ideality, Chengdu. The figures of the photos are people from all walks of life in Chengdu.
In 2012, Xiao Quan, working with famous Chinese actress Zhou Xun and Chinese film director Du Jiayi, did a non-profit photography program run by the United Nations, which is titled 2032: The Future We Want. He photographed more than 200 ordinary people in Beijing. The photos were send to 170 UN member states and Ban Ki-moon, the then UN Secretary-General, collected the album.
Since 2015, Xiao has been doing the portrait shooting program and named it Portraits of Our Time. Before the Chengdu exhibition, he had taken the photos of more than 2,000 people in 8 Chinese cities, including Kunming, Chongqing and Hangzhou.
Chengdu, Xiao's hometown, is the 9th stop of the Portraits of Our Time, where he shot 500 portraits of those selected from tens of thousands of applicants.
Most of the photos being exhibited were taken at the studio on the second floor of the exhibition hall. During the creation period, Xiao went to many cultural places in Chengdu, such as the Wuhou Shrine, Du Fu's Thatched Cottage, Wide and Narrow Alleys. Through the portraits, he invokes people's memories of Chengdu's past, interprets the city's cultural endowment and modern development, and reflects local people's distinct temperaments and character traits. He said, "It is a wonderful and happy thing to leave the beautiful images full of amazing stories of our time to the future generations."