Dieter and His Beer Bar

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Dieter Vanonckelen, from Leuven, Belgium, has been in Chengdu for 10 years and is now running a craft beer bar in the city.
In Chengdu, there are a group of foreigners with their life correlated to palatable pursuits. They enjoy the diversified cuisines in the city and act in a way as intermediaries to bring the foreign food culture to Chengdu and promote the local cuisine in the world.
They are gourmets, bar owners, food program commentators and bloggers with foodie fans online.
Among them is Dieter Vanonckelen from Leuven, Belgium, who has been in Chengdu for 10 years and is now running a craft beer bar in the city.
Many people come to know Dieter at his bar, the Bear Nest, one of the earliest craft beer bars in the city. He is actually one of the pioneers of introducing foreign cuisines to Chengdu.
Dieter styles himself a workaholic and makes a to-do-list every day. Besides running the Beer Nest and a restaurant, Dieter has put great efforts in his new media platforms — two WeChat Official Accounts: Chengdu-Expat and ChengduBeer, coupled with websites and mini programs.
Drawing on the social resources accumulated over the past years, he shares information for living in Chengdu to the international community, including food, entertainment and lifestyle, provides consulting service and organizes offline activities.
"Chengdu is becoming more and more international. I am very optimistic about my career and have clear ideas about what to do next," Dieter said.
Dieter speaks fluent local dialect and knows well about local eating habits, which helps him a lot in doing business in the catering industry in Chengdu.
His craft beer bar opened in 2003, which sells mainly beer imported from Belgium and locally made craft beer. A new rollout of the bar, the brew with Sichuan pepper, is his fantastic brainchild based on his knowledge of local food and plants.
"Though I don't favor too much Sichuan pepper in some of the Sichuan dishes, I take a fancy to the strong numbing taste that brings sensory stimuli. Some people would like beer with some different flavors," he said.

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