Tianfu Culture

Featured streets and historic towns

The Wide and Narrow Alleys (Kuan and Zhai Alleys) we ...
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Buddhist and Taoist cultures

Daci Monastery in downtown Chengdu, very close to Ch ...
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Major tourist attractions

Despite its vigorous drive towards modernization, Ch ...
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Innovation & Creation

A British Lady’s Efforts to Protect ICHs of Ethnic Groups in China

There are thousands of delicate handcraft works with ...
2017-06-21 | read more

Chengdu Entrepreneurs Receive Professional Training in France

A training session for the Sino-French Sister Parks ...
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A Hollander’s Entrepreneurial Journey in Chengdu

Several years ago, the homeland of the cute animal s ...
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Chengdu Science City: An Emerging Hi-tech Innovation Zone

Chengdu Science City (CSC), located on the picturesq ...
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Modernity & Elegance

Chengdu, a city that never fails to delight

A group of photographers took 30, 000 photos to reco ...
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Sichuan-style Suit Catches Eyes

Chengdu mayor Luo Qiang 's dress drew a lot of atten ...
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Home of giant pandas and land of success

Chengdu is a modern metropolitan city, but tradition ...
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Chongdeli: the Return of an Artist and His Spiritual Home

Wang Hai thinks he has finally found a sense of belo ...
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Optimism & Inclusiveness

【Video】Documentary Highlighting Chengdu’s Charm

An impressive documentary highlighting Chengdu’s cul ...
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City founding and cultural tradition

The name of the city, 成都 (Chengdu), literally means ...
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Natural biodiversity and Land of Abundance

The city has a lot to offer — diversified terrestria ...
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Travel around

As a well-known transportation hub and tourist city, ...
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Kindness & Charity

Chengdu and the world

Chengdu has established sister-city relationships wi ...
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